In 1919, KP Govinda Menon started off trading Tea in a small shop in the heart of Kerala’s Trading Hub, Cochin. Major brand of Nilgiri Tea was their key product in the store. From the sensitive , flavoury Nilgiri Orthodox teas to the strong, coloury CTC Teas, KPGM had the total spectrum of South Indian Teas to offer. They also had their own unique blends that made them stand high in the usual sensitive market. Today KPGM is a name synonymous with quality tea with a one hundred year old tradition of classic tea blending. The range of tea KPGM produces, span from the popular ones to singular custom made ones.

KPGM's 100th anniversary celebrates the culture and foundation of where it all began: Simplicity and values as visualised by its founder.

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homestay  cochin govindamangalam rooms
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Sreebala govindamangalam rooms
From INR 3200 / Night

Medium size Air-conditioned Double room with twin bed. En suite bathroom includes a shower, basin & toilet.

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Lakshmy govindamangalam rooms
From INR 3800 / Night

Big size Air-conditioned Double room with double bed. En suite bathroom includes a shower, basin & toilet. Also a powder room.

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Vishnu govindamangalam rooms
From INR 4500 / Night

Large luxury Air-conditioned Double room with twin bed. This room has a seating area with sofas . En suite bathroom includes a shower, basin & toilet.

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The host of this legendary property is a 3rd generation member of the KPGM family who prides himself in providing unique experiences to it's guests. His extensive travel of the USA, Europe, Far East, Middle East and Down Under, not forgetting the various cultural terrains of India, has given him great sense of understanding the needs of different guests.

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Here, in KPGM, as your host he’s sharing his deep experience, the guests will be exposed to the intricacies of tea tasting and tea blending.

A rare blend of Tea with love preceding flavor. Making you feel at home he’s seen as catalyst in blending human relations than a variety tea. You will experience that unique feel of good hosting.

The host, a matured Cricketer during his college as an all rounder, a fast bowler and middle order batsman, is also a Golfer who would love to take you to an 18 hole course of International standard or a 9 hole course that’s just a 30 minutes boat ride from KPGM. All you need to have is the drive. He’s a also a Badminton player. That’s long time ago, again during his university days.

With a vast collection of Indian Classical Music, for those music enthusiasts, the time spend with him will be valuable as it adds to your music wisdom. This is a good example of how a simple passion can result in deep knowledge of the subject.

We are sure, that the stay in KPGM will be an enjoyable experience that one should taste in their lifetime. A 100 year old homestay receiving you by the present generation heir is not something everybody can offer. Enjoy your stay. Enjoy your days here.

Ready to host you with a
History of One Hundred Years.